Transformer oil is crucial in the cooling process of a transformer. Electrical and thermal stress or chemical contamination can cause failures and reduced component life. Our transformer oil testing services offer you a complete solution to your transformer testing needs


We can help you:

  • Determine the basic electrical properties of transformer oil
  • Identify if an oil is suitable for further use
  • Detect whether filtration or regeneration is needed
  • Enhance component life and reduce oil costs
  • Maximize safety and prevent untimely failures
  • Gain crucial historical data to understand changes or increases in key gases and the rate of gas production
  • Access your results fast – your data and analysis reports

PGP Highlights

  • Mobile Diagnostic Technicians
    Our qualified and trained field Technicians obtain standardized oil samples, resulting in the most accurate test data possible.
  • Testing Standards
    We test transformer oil to industry standards using a combination of standard test equipment
  • Precise Laboratory Equipment
    We use only the highest quality laboratory equipment and that equipment is powered by experience; the average lab experience of our technicians is twelve years.
  • Efficiency & Standardization
    The testing process is continuously honed and improved, making our laboratory efficient and accurate without cutting corners. Trust us to handle your samples with the utmost care and attention to detail. Every time.
  • Globally recognized Laboratory service
    PGP provides high quality and accuracy laboratory test services with globally standards
Transformer Oil services

PGP Contracting is dedicated to ensuring your transformer performs optimally through the provision of a range of Oil testing and maintenance services.

  • Transformer oil sampling and testing
  • Transformer oil regeneration, both online and offline
  • Collection and recycling of old PCB free transformer oil
  • Collection and disposal of oil from obsolete equipment
  • Vacuum filling of new transformers
  • Oil Filtration or Purification Plants
  • Management and transportation of PCB transformer oil and hardwaste, including retrofills of contaminated equipment
  • Portable Filter Unit
  • Vacuum Drying and De-gassing Machines for Larger Transformers
Oil Analysis services

We provide you with fast analyses to IEC, ASTM, and ISO standards, helping you identify issues quickly

Our specific diagnostic analyses include:
  • Moisture analysis – IEC 60814
  • Dielectric breakdown – IEC 60156
  • Acidity – IEC 60296
  • Interfacial surface tension (IFT) – ISO 6295
  • Dissipation factor and resistivity (DDF) – IEC 60247
  • Dissolved gas analysis (DGA) – IEC 60567 and IEC 60599
  • PCB tests – ASTM D4059
  • Furan analysis – IEC 61198
  • Density – ASTM D4052
  • Viscosity – ASTM D445
  • Corrosive sulfur test – ASTM D1275B
  • Oxidation – IEC 61125
  • Particle count – NAS 1638 & ISO 4406
  • Degree of polymerization – ASTM D4243
Onsite Breakdown voltage testing
Dissolved Gas Analysis testing
On field Oil sampling &Testing